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......@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ inserting routes in the kernel each time a DHCP client connects, and
sending custom routes to clients using DHCP option 121. This is mostly
useful to hand out public IPv4 addresses to customers.
See [README](examples/slash32_leases/ for more details.
See the included [README](examples/slash32_leases/ for more
explanations and the [source](examples/slash32_leases) with the script and
an example Kea configuration.
### Debug script
# Handing out IPv4 addresses in /32 subnets
The goal of this example is to lease IPv4 addresses individually (/32 design).
This is essentially a "out-of-subnet" reservation mode, because clients do not
need to be in the same IP subnet as the DHCP server. This is mostly
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