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Update release script to account for message build changes

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......@@ -2,18 +2,15 @@
set -e
MESSAGES="s-messages src/messages.h src/"
[ -z "$RELEASE" ] && { echo "usage: $0 X.Y.Z"; exit 1; }
make clean
make src/messages.h src/
# Check repo is clean
git update-index -q --refresh
git diff-files --quiet || { echo "error: ensure git repo has no changes"; exit 1; }
# TODO: regenerate message files to make sure they are up-to-date
git add -f $MESSAGES
git commit -m "Release $RELEASE"
git tag v"$RELEASE"
git archive --prefix=kea-hook-runscript-"$RELEASE"/ -o kea-hook-runscript-"$RELEASE".tar.gz v"$RELEASE"
git rm $MESSAGES
git commit -m "Go back to development after $RELEASE release"
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