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......@@ -95,27 +95,19 @@ is to continously display the content of this file:
To build the hook, you need the Kea libraries as well as the Kea and Boost development
If you build from the git repository, you additionally need the `kea-msg-compiler`
binary to compile messages.
The release tarballs for `kea-hook-runscript` already contain the compiled messages
to avoid depending on `kea-msg-compiler`. Make sure to use the actual release tarball,
not the source tarball that is automatically generated by Github.
### Using a packaged version of Kea
If you use a Kea package, you need the appropriate development packages:
on Debian, the packages are `kea-dev` and `libboost-dev`.
Then, to build the hook, simply run:
- boost development files: `libboost-dev` or equivalent
- kea development files: `isc-kea-dev` from cloudsmith (official Kea package)
$ make -j
If you prefer using the Kea package from Debian, install `kea-dev` instead.
However, it is currently unsupported and is only available in sid.
When using ISC-provided packages hosted on Cloudsmith, it has been reported that the
`kea-msg-compiler` binary may be missing. In that case, you have several choices:
Then, to build the hook, simply run:
- use a tarball release for `kea-hook-runscript`, since they don't need `kea-msg-compiler`
- build Kea from source as explained below, but only set `$KEA_MSG_COMPILER` (so that you still use the packaged headers and libraries of Kea).
$ make -j
### Using Kea source
......@@ -126,7 +118,6 @@ To build against a local Kea source tree, assumed to be in `~/kea`:
Then build this hook with:
$ export KEA_MSG_COMPILER=$HOME/kea/src/lib/log/compiler/kea-msg-compiler
$ export KEA_INCLUDE=$HOME/kea/src/lib
$ export KEA_LIB=/tmp/kea/usr/local/lib
$ make
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