Commit 1fa1bac2 authored by Sylvain Chénot's avatar Sylvain Chénot Committed by Baptiste Jonglez
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Fix dhcp4 mac address retrieve method

The getMAC method of pkt4 seems to retrieve the mac of the packet sender
which is not the client MAC if a dhcp-relay is used.

The getHWAddr seems to be the method used in the KEA server (it's used in
src/bin/dhcp4/ of the KEA 1.6.1 sources) and return the
expected MAC address.

I test this patch with KEA 1.6.1 sources and hook release v1.3.1, it work
as expected.
Without this path the MAC address in KEA_QUERY4_HWADDR is the MAC address
of my default gateway, because the packet is forwarded from a dhcp-relay.
parent 1f56b58f
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ void extract_pkt4(std::vector<std::string>& env, const std::string envprefix, co
env.push_back(envprefix + "INTERFACE=" + pkt4->getIface());
env.push_back(envprefix + "IFINDEX=" + std::to_string(pkt4->getIndex()));
/* Hardware address */
HWAddrPtr hwaddr = pkt4->getMAC(HWAddr::HWADDR_SOURCE_ANY);
HWAddrPtr hwaddr = pkt4->getHWAddr();
if (hwaddr) {
env.push_back(envprefix + "HWADDR=" + hwaddr->toText(false));
env.push_back(envprefix + "HWADDR_TYPE=" + std::to_string(hwaddr->htype_));
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