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......@@ -105,6 +105,22 @@ At this point, Django should run correctly:
python runserver
Available commands
Some useful administration commands are available via ``.
`python members_email`: returns email addresses of all members, one
per line. This may be useful to automatically feed a mailing list software.
Note that membership is based on the `status` field of users, not on
membership fees. That is, even if a member has forgot to renew his or her
membership fee, his or her address will still show up in this list.
`python charge_subscriptions`: generate invoices (including a
PDF version) for each subscriber. You probably want to run this command
every month as a cron task, see below.
......@@ -125,6 +141,15 @@ in the admin. Information entered in this application has two purposes:
Some bits of configuration are done in ``: LDAP branches, RSS feeds
to display on the home page, and so on.
Cron tasks
You may want to run cron jobs for repetitive tasks.
To generate invoices on the first day of each month, here at 3 am:
`0 3 1 * * /home/coin/venv/bin/python charge_subscriptions`
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