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Document quickly production deployment.

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......@@ -121,11 +121,6 @@ Then launch service with:
You can visit with your browser at <>
Run production server
To be done
Drop the database
......@@ -133,4 +128,16 @@ If you want to **reset all your data**.
$ rm db.sqlite3
What else ?
Run production server
(Pretty rough instructions. Feel free to submit patches)
1. Deploy it [like any django site](
2. Customize [mandatory and optional settings](#set-up-configuration)
3. Customize `SECRET_KEY` to something realy radom. Hint: `python -c "import string,random; uni=string.ascii_letters+string.digits+string.punctuation; print(repr(''.join([random.SystemRandom().choice(uni) for i in range(random.randint(45,50))])))"`
4. Set *daily* crons for the two commands that take care of data expiration
handling (run them with `--help` for more information):
- `./ delete_expired_contribs`
- `./ send_expiration_reminders`
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