Commit 31984c5c authored by Élie Bouttier's avatar Élie Bouttier
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fix merge

parent e8803743
......@@ -414,10 +414,7 @@ class InvoiceAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
p = canvas.Canvas(buffer)
produits = []
for item in invoice.items.all():
description = item.description
if item.notes:
description += '\n' + item.notes
produits += [(description, item.quantity, item.price)]
produits += [(item.description, item.notes, item.quantity, item.price)]
adt = invoice.buyer.adherent
facture(p,, ref=invoice.reference, produits=produits, adt=str(adt),,
tel=adt.phone_number, addr=adt.address, draft=draft)
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