Formulaire & carte pour recenser les aspirant-e-s connecté-e-s à un réseau radio.

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In order to facilitate dependency management, you can use a pip and a virtual environment (like virtualenv).

Install packages:

 # apt-get install python3-pip python3-virtualenv libyaml-dev

Create and activate the virtualenv with:

 $ virtualenv -p $(which python3) venv
 $ source venv/bin/activate

We use django framework. Install it from requirements with pip:

 $ pip install -r requirements/base.txt

For development, install dev.txt instead:

 $ pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

Set up configuration

You may want to create and edit configuration file wifiwithme/settings/ (no setting is mandatory at the moment):

URL Prefix

Optionaly, you can define an url prefix (ex: /foo/) so that wifi-with-me is accessible under :



If you to receive notifications on each new contrib, customize those :

List of notification recipients:


Notification sender address:


The wifi-with-me website URL (for links included in emails :)


    'EMAIL':'bureau (at)',
    'ZONE':'Nantes et environs',

Migrate from bottle version (optional)

If you used the (old) bottle version of wifi-with-me and want to migrate your data follow this extra step :

$ ./ migrate auth
$ ./ migrate contribmap 0001 --fake

Run development server

It is required to initialize database first:

$ ./ migrate

Then launch service with:

$ ./ runserver

You can visit your browser at

Run production server

To be done

Drop the database

$ rm db.sqlite3

What else ?