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Wi-Fi Hotspot Build Status Integration level

Install LaBriqueInterNet Hotspot with YunoHost

This YunoHost app is a part of the "La Brique Internet" project but can be used independently.


Hotspot Wi-Fi app for YunoHost.

  • Broadcast your own Wi-Fi internet access in addition to your self-hosted web services.
  • Without internet access, it's a PirateBox.
  • With the VPN Client app for YunoHost, it's an encrypted Wi-Fi internet access (eventually with neutral access, without filters, and with IPv6, depending on your VPN provider).


  • WPA2 encryption
  • 802.11n compliant
  • IPv6 compliant (with a delegated prefix)
  • Announce DNS resolvers (IPv6 with RDNSS/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
  • Automatic clients configuration (IPv6 with SLAAC/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
  • Set an IPv6 from your delegated prefix (prefix::42) on the server, to use for the AAAA records


Screenshot of the web interface

Friendly apps

Some other YunoHost apps have this Hotspot Wi-Fi app as prerequisite, in order to offer a service through a Wi-Fi access point.

With a multissid wireless card (most can do that), you can create multiple access points.

For example, you can create 3 hotspots:

  1. PirateBox
  2. torNetwork
  3. neutralNetwork

You can then install and configure 3 other dependent apps on your YunoHost:

  1. PirateBox configured to use PirateBox,
  2. Tor Client configured to use torNetwork,
  3. VPN Client configured by default to use neutralNetwork because this hotspot is not used by another app in this case.

In this manner, with this example, you can provide 3 access points at the same time with 3 different services and only one wireless card.


  • Debian Stretch
  • YunoHost >= 3.2.0