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Transparency: detail costs for libre price

It's still alpha-pre-ugly-looking and some strings are mentioning FAImaison, more usable version may be integrated to coin.

Install it

Be sure to use python3.

sudo apt-get install python virtualenv
virtualenv transparency_venv
git clone
cd transparency
source ../transparency_venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Generate a secret key:

echo SECRET_KEY=`python -c "import string,random; uni=string.ascii_letters+string.digits+string.punctuation; print(repr(''.join([random.SystemRandom().choice(uni) for i in range(random.randint(45,50))])))"` > transparency/

Set your organization name :

echo 'ORGANIZATION_NAME="ACME Charity"' >> transparency/

Create database:

./ migrate

Create administrator account:

./ createsuperuser

Run it

Run development server

source ../transparency_venv/bin/activate # if it is not already done
echo 'DEBUG=True' >> transparency/
./ runserver

Use it