Set of tools to help system administrator with maintenance and security of Debian systems.

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Concierge is set of tools to help with the maintenance of Debian systems.

Upon installation, the package installs a daily cron task to validate the system's configuration.


Notify upon issues. Keep noise to a minimum. Keep configuration to a minimum.



Create local and remote backups of directories, and databases.

By default, the backup include:

  • Directories: /etc, /var/mail
  • Databases: ejabberd, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL

Configuration: /etc/concierge/backup.cfg

Dependency: borgbackup


Validate system configuration.

Configuration: none


Audit filesystem permissions for possible security issues:

  • World-readable private keys (ssh, Let's Encrypt) and passwords (Git, SVN, Sympa, Dolibarr, ...)
  • World-writable configuration files and scripts (/etc/init.d/*, /etc/profile, ...)
  • World-writable executable search path (ie $PATH), or perl/python/ruby search path
  • Process running a world-writable executable, or world-writable bash/perl/python script
  • Sensitive information stored in the wrong place (passwords in /etc/passwd rather than /etc/shadow)

This tool only does file permissions checks, and does it imperfectly. You should not rely on this single tool for security auditing.

Configuration: none


Check system status.

Configuration: none