Verified Commit 562ba3dc authored by sebian's avatar sebian
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filters: some PA are announced by a peering session (grenode)

but fix thix function… (possible issue with nos-oignons and absolight)
parent 4fbe9263
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ function bgp_import( int AS; string import_type; int community; int import_med)
if is_gitoyen() then return false;
# in case of peering or transit, the routes within the gitoyen's network are not accepted.
if import_type = "peering" && import_type = "transit" then {
#if import_type = "peering" || import_type = "transit" then {
if import_type = "transit" then {
if is_within_gitoyen() then return false;
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