Configuration Bird pour les routeurs de Gitoyen

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Gitoyen: BIRD configuration for a border router

This repository contains the configuration for one of Gitoyen's border router. Configurations is made of:

  • BGP communities management;
  • Traffic delivery (members, clients) management;
  • Peering & transit management.

Feel free to take inspiration from it.

Contact us

For any question / comment / discussion, you can reach us through:

Some principles

  • Routes imported from a BGP session are tagged with a community according to the BGP peer.
  • Routes exported to a BGP session are filtered using communities based on the BGP peer.
    • Examples:
    • Routes exported to a transit operator session only contain properly tagged ones (members/clients/internal).
    • Routes exported to a member session are all Internet routes (full-view).


$ cat etc/local/bird/bird.conf
# Gitoyen contact (AT)
# vim: set ts=4:sw=4

log syslog all;

# Router specific configuration
include "/etc/local/bird/common/local.conf";

# Filters/Functions common to all protocols
include "/etc/local/bird/bird/filters.conf";

# Kernel protocols management
include "/etc/local/bird/common/kernel.conf";

# Static routes
include "/etc/local/bird/bird/static.conf";

# OSPF (Backbone)
include "/etc/local/bird/common/ospf.conf";

# Filters/Functions for BGP
include "/etc/local/bird/common/bgp-filters.conf";

# BGP (Delivery, Transit, Peering)
include "/etc/local/bird/bird/bgp.conf";