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README: add note about enabling appropriate modules when testing upgrade/migrations

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......@@ -430,6 +430,7 @@ Here are some guidelines:
- Obtain a dump from your Coin's production DB
- Clone this repository, install Docker (c.f. 'Development' section)
- Make sure that you tweak the settings file to enable your relevant modules
- `mkdir ./dumps/` in the git clone, add your `.sql` dump inside, then mount it in the db's container by adding a line such as `- ./dumps/:/mnt/dumps/` in `db` > `volumes` inside `docker-compose.yml`
- Launch the `db` container with `docker-compose up -d db`, enter the container with `docker-compose exec -u root db bash`, then restore the dump with `psql -U coin coin < /mnt/dumps/yourdump.sql`
- Let's now enter the app container with `docker-compose exec coin bash`, then run migrations with `./ migrate`
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