Commit 495712b9 authored by Baptiste Jonglez's avatar Baptiste Jonglez

Frontend: format altitude values with up to two decimal places

parent c42074ed
......@@ -135,9 +135,9 @@
<p>{% trans "latitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_lat">{{ panorama.latitude }}</span>°</em></p>
<p>{% trans "longitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_lon">{{ panorama.longitude }}</span>°</em></p>
<p>{% trans "ground altitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_ground_alt">{{ panorama.ground_altitude }}</span> m</em></p>
<p>{% trans "height above ground:" %} <em><span id="pos_height">{{ panorama.height_above_ground }}</span> m</em></p>
<p>{% trans "altitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_alt">{{ panorama.altitude }}</span> m</em></p>
<p>{% trans "ground altitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_ground_alt">{{ panorama.ground_altitude|floatformat:-2 }}</span> m</em></p>
<p>{% trans "height above ground:" %} <em><span id="pos_height">{{ panorama.height_above_ground|floatformat:-2 }}</span> m</em></p>
<p>{% trans "altitude:" %} <em><span id="pos_alt">{{ panorama.altitude|floatformat:-2 }}</span> m</em></p>
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