Commit 30803d5f authored by Julien Rabier's avatar Julien Rabier

fix another utf-8 issue in

parent 795c519c
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ for vote in c.execute('select id, id_group, date_end, title from votes where is_
for user in c.execute('select,, from users join user_group on where user_group.id_group = ?', voting_group).fetchall():
userchoice_request = (user[0], vote[0],)
userchoice = c.execute('select * from user_choice join choices on user_choice.id_choice = where id_user = ? and id_vote = ?', userchoice_request).fetchone()
print "Checking if user %s already voted %s" % (user[1], vote[3])
print "Checking if user %s already voted %s" % (user[1], vote[3].encode('utf-8'))
print userchoice
if userchoice is None:
#user didn't vote yet
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