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  Guilhem Saurel 1b7690b7a2 document webhook notifications configurations in README 1 month ago
  Guilhem Saurel a7006fcdb1 webhook: send whole message, for genericity 1 month ago
  Guilhem Saurel 3d3b0cf5f3 send notifications to webhooks 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande c49b29073e Enhance a bit deployment instructions. 3 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande c3ba7915db Typo 3 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 791eff76ed Permet à un admin de déclencher un renvoi du lien de gestion 3 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 43b2f24c43 Refactor email sending 3 months ago
  jocelyn 7a8ca5d204 Merge branch 'master' of Nim/wifi-with-me into master 3 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 5b3b794e7d Fix tests 3 months ago
  Guilhem Saurel ed8bca96f4 use "load static" instead of "load staticfiles" in templates 5 months ago
  jocelyn 8aca895af2 Merge branch 'master' of Nim65s/wifi-with-me into master 8 months ago
  Guilhem Saurel 260c2b1642 typo 11 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande b625cbf5a2 Show moderator emails with default dev settings 9 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande e13fa12b49 Fix bug preventing contrib URl to appear in moderator notifications 9 months ago
  jocelyn fb03211ca6 Merge branch 'jd-data-expiration' of FFDN/wifi-with-me into master 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 1e50dd0ad0 Fix language in notification email 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 511bc0eb82 Fix reminder notice text 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande f77e6f13e0 Mention in admin list that a contribution is expired 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 18a98a6c5e Fix typos 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ecfca618ac Document quickly production deployment. 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ef6b359ae4 Warn about database deletion. 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 77510ecd7c Add a command to delete expired contributions 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 8c4f4f1fbd Command to send reminders on close data expiration 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 7522bc7669 Extend Contrib.get_absolute_url to accept a base URL 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande f2218a349d Add QuerySet methods to check data expiration 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande a268413a35 Fix login url failing on NoReverseMatch 1 year ago
  jocelyn a9655849f4 Merge branch 'fix-readme' of daimrod/wifi-with-me into master 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande c8702a22f1 Fix radio buttons display 1 year ago
  Grégoire Jadi 4e61167cb4 Create a superuser before using the service 1 year ago
  Grégoire Jadi e75a454ad8 Add missing 'with' in README 1 year ago