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Things to do

Users idees

  • Add undo command ?
  • Show help in context
  • Allow to delete a command after a certain number of launch

    Feel free to add things here (and make a pull request). Or send an email to the author !

Major issue

  • Test behavior with an empty rc file (start from 0 after calling many times and adding first command). Auto test it.

Short term

  • Add second way (added to current position based one) to point the entry you want, with a short hash of the command for instance. This would be more stable after position change.
  • Add command edit-rc to edit configuration file
  • Add command to exchange item
  • Run commands based on patterns (i.e. "run git" to run "git bundle /tmp/bundle --all" ), bypassing command numbers
  • Allow to append arguments (i.e. "run 3 -- A...B" to run "git rev-list left-right --count A...B", if "git rev-list left-right --count" is the third command )
  • Allow to tag commands

Configuration value

  • Allow to run infinitely or say when it is finish
  • Make tmp file emplacement configurable
  • Use two modes, one for easy launch and another more complete
    • alway running : be sure that there entry are always running
    • easy : one entry on each call
    • confirm : ask before launching each entry
    • proportionate : launch by percent.
  • Relaunch the terminal detached after (possible -> use $TERM &; it resists to program exit)
  • Allow to tag entry and do things according to tags
    • Make it extensible
  • Get statistics and collect them : running time, frequency per item, output of the commands...


  • Documentation ;-)
  • Handle errors reading rc file
  • Return error code when necessary
  • Log duration of commands, ignore some return code


  • Add plugins for Age (precisely, such as number of minutes, seconds…), Date

Long term

  • Translate displayed messages.
  • Be more carefull with file reading, lazy evaluation (especially in tmp_file.get_accurate_log)