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OcLaunch - Launch commands automagically

CeCILL command
line platform UNIX (esp.
LINUX) language
OCaml opam
oclaunch Getting

OcLaunch is a command-line tool to launch successively (each time the program is called) commands. It is designed to be used with any program, interactive or not. Feedback is welcome at Detailed presentation at
Try it, it works automagically!

For example, here is a typical session (you open a terminal emulator between each item):

  • You open your first terminal, your chat client is opened,
  • On second launch of a terminal, your task list is displayed,
  • On third launch, everything has been done. You will not see anything more.

See the file for building and installation instructions.

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Copyright and license

(C) 2014-2016 Joly Clément

OcLaunch is distributed under the terms of the CEA-CNRS-INRIA Logiciel Libre.

See LICENSE for more information.