Système d'information du FAI Illyse

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The COIN project

Coin is Illyse's Information System, designed to managed subscribers.

It is written in Django, and makes an heavy use of LDAP (for authentication, and to store configuration information).

It currently only works with python2, because python-ldap is (as of 2013) not compatible with python3.


Get yourself a virtualenv. On Debian, install python-virtualenv. On Archlinux, the package is called python2-virtualenv, and you must replace the virtualenv command with virtualenv2 in the following.

To create the virtualenv (the first time):

virtualenv ~/tmp/venv-illyse

To activate the virtualenv (you need to do this each time you work on the project):

. ~/tmp/venv-illyse/bin/activate

Install dependencies. On Debian, you will probably need the python-dev, python-pip, libldap-dev, libpq-dev and libsasl2-dev packages.

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip libldap2-dev libpq-dev libsasl2-dev

Then run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

You should now be able to run python (within the virtualenv, obviously) without error.

The coin/ file is ignore by Git: feel free to override any setting by writing into that file. For example, to override the DEBUG settings:

echo '# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-' > coin/
echo 'DEBUG = TEMPLATE_DEBUG = True' >> coin/

To sync database, the first time run :

python syncdb --migrate

You probably want to import some base data to play with:

python loaddata offers ip_pool offers

Then at each code update :

python migrate

More information

For the rest of the setup (database, LDAP), see