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  jocelyn 2207f31351 Merge branch 'fix_create_subscriptions_invoices' of josue/coin into master 4 days ago
  Jocelyn Delalande c4a3826b70 Merge branch 'jd-reprise-subscribe-notification' 4 days ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 2eb90b1988 Fix crash on member registration 4 days ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 2ec4af8bd8 Enhance NOTIFICATION_EMAILS setting 4 days ago
  Alexandre Aubin d651391d65 'self' does not exists 4 months ago
  ljf 9497d661d2 [fix] Missing templates 4 months ago
  ljf 36c5dced30 [enh] Document settings 7 months ago
  ljf b9566cff81 [enh] Use utils.send_templated_email 7 months ago
  ljf cf04c2f433 [enh] Add a notification if a user subscribe 1 year ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 37f96d78d9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ARN/enh-add-balance-rebase' 4 days ago
  jocelyn 48812ff597 Merge branch 'jd-improve-maillists' of FFDN/coin into master 4 days ago
  Jocelyn Delalande b56b732bd3 Silently ignore subscriptions that already exist 4 days ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 76fbd52e2e Displays the member email in list detail view (admin) 4 days ago
  jocelyn 0308746f30 Merge branch 'Fix_ldapdb_version' of josue/coin into master 4 days ago
  daimrod ff6af5cc14 Merge branch 'jd-remove-fees-admin' of FFDN/coin into master 4 days ago
  Josué Tille 66ccf30902 [fix] Add delay for date_due in subscritions_invoices 3 weeks ago
  Jocelyn Delalande b86fa40e14 Fix image display in doc 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande eac24dbb41 Add `import_mailling_list` command to bulk import a mailling list 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande a54cfd12f1 Add a context-manager to temporary disable maillist sync command 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 0558cad2b8 Make and MaillingList.short_name unique 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande b718945a97 Remove admin views of membership fees 1 month ago
  jocelyn 131adcd3e7 Merge branch 'jd-maillist-management' of FFDN/coin into master 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande e0517c2e69 Add a warning about massive sync command runs on bulk mail-list subscriptions 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ee3f6cf142 UI tweaks for mail-list management 1 month ago
  SimonBoulier 3d9ac92a5e Replace cat by tee in doc of mailling lists. 1 month ago
  SimonBoulier 2f79947e53 Comment 1 month ago
  SimonBoulier 0e032cbe40 Form to add a mailling list subscription in the member/mailling list admin. 1 month ago
  SimonBoulier 2b59d86285 Use an intermediate model to manage mailling list subscriptions. 1 month ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 0af8a91f6f Fix wrongly reporting some paid-up members as « could be deleted » 2 months ago
  josue bb3b2410c8 Fix django-ldapdb version required 2 months ago