Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jocelyn Delalande 0af8a91f6f Fix wrongly reporting some paid-up members as « could be deleted » 1 week ago
  Jocelyn Delalande a48681d6cc Allow to delete a member without deleting its services invoices 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 4524a24c15 Display a warning when trying to delete a user with active loan 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 286c69f4c3 Delete a member will not delete associated loans 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ddb4261925 Warn when trying to delete a member we should keep 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande dc432aa15d Also display member warnings in detail view 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 5eb2720d5c Allow to filter members that could be deleted 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 36196e5df6 Refactor member fee filter 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 377a4d74a9 Add a warning in members list for members with unpaid fee but services 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 31336cee87 Highlight in members list old members we should keep data about 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande efdc5f0cdd Cleanup unused imports 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande d239dfff07 Spare some space in members list 5 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande d9fb5858ad Fix logo alignment 3 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ca7d760de8 Fix CSS accidental scrambling 3 months ago
  jocelyn 4dc0dcaa20 Merge branch 'webadmin-for-payment-csv-import_' of FFDN/coin into master 3 months ago
  jocelyn cd91957f19 Merge branch 'jd-titles' of FFDN/coin into master 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande ac26835905 Allow easy configuration of a logo 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 94ac061fab Allow easy customization of global site name and header 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 615ac9235f Add an admin <title> consistent with non-admin pages 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 6f10ae6033 Add relevant <title> tag to all pages 4 months ago
  jocelyn a6e05dd1a4 Merge branch 'fix-152-footer' of rezemika/coin into master 4 months ago
  jocelyn 3e01dfc758 Merge branch 'fix-171' of rezemika/coin into master 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 28026e6c3f Fix ValidationError re-opening an invoice in admin 4 months ago
  Irina LAMBLA cee1faa7f0 Pouvoir changer le status d'une facture 4 months ago
  jocelyn 06e4b856bb Merge branch 'jd-impersonate-users' of FFDN/coin into master 4 months ago
  rezemika 78b24b9b84 Shortens the formatting of the date in the '__unicode__' method 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande d919708461 Add warnings about vps/housing code requiring factorization 4 months ago
  Jocelyn Delalande 1e047d73e6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ARN/housing' 4 months ago
  rezemika 0d99c9a846 Adds a link to the repo of COIN in the footer 4 months ago
  jocelyn b172c33270 Merge branch 'vps' of ARN/coin into master 4 months ago